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How to Change Facebook Messenger Password: FULL GUIDE

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – September 12th, 2022

how to change Facebook messenger password

We all like using Messenger, an instant messaging software from the same family of platforms as Facebook or what we may refer to as Meta Platforms; However, because Messenger can get used independently of Facebook, you might occasionally need to know how to change your Facebook messenger password.

Just last year, Facebook Messenger celebrated ten years old. Since then, it has had several updates to improve communication between friends, family, and coworkers.

Messenger Conversation is relatively well secured from eavesdropping because it gets uploaded via HTTPS. But that is only true if you maintain your password safe enough so that no one can guess it or breach it from where you have put it. If you suspect your credentials got leaked, you need to update them immediately, but how?

Keep reading this post to learn more about how to change your password entirely and other essential advice for staying secure on Messenger.

How to Change Facebook Messenger Password: FULL GUIDE

Facebook Messenger – Meta Inc

It is a new instant messaging program for smartphones that Facebook created to compete with comparable services like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger. The conventional income streams for cell carriers got in danger due to the increasing market for chat applications.

Users of smartphones and tablets still favor Wi-Fi connections over cellular ones nowadays. It is also significantly more secure than cellular, quicker, cheaper, and easier to use. More than 1 billion individuals use Messenger each month today, a significant increase from its 2015 position as the fastest-growing app in the United States.

Only Facebook Chat got first offered, but it was People’s interactions are altering as the internet becomes more widely available. Therefore, messaging applications are handier. Since users were required to acquire this separate Facebook app, they are also often used.

It is something that everyone now possesses, Messenger. Utilizing Facebook Messaging has been much more straightforward since the standalone messenger app got created. You might need to review the steps for updating your Facebook Messenger password because it has modified the process.

Messenger Security Settings

If you frequently use the Facebook mobile app, likely, you have already downloaded Messenger. If not, download it now since I’ll be talking about how and what the security settings are in Messenger.

It will immediately address your query about how to change your Facebook messenger password. Since Messenger makes staying in touch with your favorite people simple and enjoyable.

You may manage your privacy by making some information public or private at your will.

Messenger’s mechanisms to maintain your account’s security are listed below.

Secure Password – Valunebrility

Engineers at Facebook discovered some strange behavior on the networks of the social media site in 2018. The most significant security lapse in Facebook history occurred due to this attack. More than a few people were in danger of having their information disseminated and used maliciously.

This security flaw impacted nearly 50 million accounts. The attack got carried out when hackers were able to get Facebook access tokens and took advantage of the intricate interplay of several problems in the messenger code. The corporation waited almost 11 days to put a stop to it.

Facebook advised individuals to reset their account passwords following the incident as an extra security measure. In case they were among the many users whose information the hackers had accessed.

Since your password is the main barrier between you from a data breach, it’s likely not a good idea to use it. If you can recall it, it’s essential to know how to change your Facebook Messenger password beforehand to avoid getting into trouble. Despite the hacking effort being old news. However, you should be aware of it because changing passwords is a good idea.

How To Change Your Facebook Messenger Password: 5 Step Process

Below are the steps for changing the password on Messenger

Step #1: You must first open the Messenger app on your smartphone to begin going.

Step #2: After opening it, you must click on the profile icon and select Account Settings from the Account & Support menu. You will get sent to the Facebook account settings page of the primary account connected initially to this messenger account.

Step #3: Open the Security and Login label by scrolling down under the Security tab.

Step #4: You’ll get sent to Facebook’s browser version after clicking this. Enter your email address and password to access your account.

Step #5: You might need to type your new, old, and old password again.

Step#6: Choose Save Changes to change your password once everything finishes. You may merely alter the Messenger password in this manner.

Facebook has provided a guide for choosing passwords, saying that you should always pick a simple password for yourself and a complicated one for others. Never connect it to your bank account, email address, or anniversaries. It must be sufficiently long. An eight-password is advised in most scenarios because it is long enough to offer adequate protection.

Note: Without a doubt, your Facebook and Messenger passwords are the same. It’s also not a must. The same password gets required for both Facebook and Messenger, so you may change one password using the other. If you attempt to update the Messenger password, Facebook account settings will get shown. So, when you directly modify your Facebook password, your Messenger password is automatically adjusted.

Two Factor Authentication

According to Microsoft, MFA can stop 99.9% of assaults on your accounts. MFA typically calls for a combination of things the user understands. In light of this, why not obtain a second security checkpoint for your online account, especially if we’re talking about a messenger. 

It is crucial because Facebook offers this, so why not use it if you have the option of multifactor authentication?

Whenever you attempt to access Facebook Messenger from a device that Facebook does not recognize. Or that you have not previously used, you will get prompted to enter a unique login code or to verify your login attempts. It is only if you have enabled 2FA for Facebook Messenger. As a result, you will get informed each time someone attempts to enter your account.

Step #1: You only need to follow the instructions in the previous section to implement it. Then, select Use two-factor authentication from the Security tab after tapping Security and Login.

Step #2: You can select between Authentication App or Text Message. However, Facebook can require you to confirm your identity before moving on by requesting further information, such as your phone number.

Once the verification is complete, you may start utilizing the multifactor authentication.

Note: You can obtain ten recovery login codes after two-factor authentication is enabled to use in case your phone isn’t working.

Someone might exploit your account if security protocols don’t adequately protect it. The above-discussed multiple-layer design makes it considerably more difficult for crooks to assault your company.

After reading this post, you should activate 2-F authentic as you’re already changing your password from the same setting menu. Criminals could succeed in stealing one form of identification. Still, they cannot access your messenger account or steal the second one.

Lost Your Password and Cannot log in

The technique mentioned above will only function if you get already signed into your Facebook or Messenger account. Follow the instructions to reset your password if you’re attempting to log in but can’t remember it.

Note: To properly reset your password, you’ll need authorization to an email or phone number connected to your Facebook account.

Step #1: You can either select Forgot My Password link at the bottom of the screen on the login page. Or, go to the Find Your Account Page from here.

Step #2: Click Search after locating the email, cellphone number, full name, or login connected to your account.

Step #3: To access your account, click and follow the instructions on the screen. You must send a passcode to the email address associated with your account to reset your password.

Step #4: You may return to Facebook by clicking the link in the email. Here, you can input your new password and any other information that is still missing. You will immediately get a new, more secure password.

Resetting your password is required; you cannot only request that Facebook provide you a copy of it. As a result, if you’re already signed in, you may change your password in your settings or reset it, then make the necessary adjustments.

Note: By using an alternative email address or cell phone number that got linked to your account, you might be able to log back into your Facebook account.

Changing Your Facebook Messenger Password: Bottom Line

Facebook has changed throughout the years, and no other social app has yet to overtake it in popularity. Messenger is now a standalone application that may get used alongside Facebook. You can examine how well Facebook has protected Messengers through its security features.

Remember that your first security line is a strong password; you shouldn’t overlook this. Another benefit is receiving additional protection on top of that through 2-factor authentication

After reading this guide, I hope you can change your Messenger password quickly and securely under Facebook’s instructions in no time.

FAQ’s Line

Can You Use Messenger Without Facebook?

According to Facebook’s clearly stated policy, you must register for a Facebook account to utilize Messenger. However, if you decide against having a Facebook account, you may deactivate it and continue using your messenger account.

Facebook Password vs. Messenger Password?

Both are the same item, as was discussed earlier. You’re OK to go if you know how to reset one. But you must be aware of your current password to change it.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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