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Most SECURE Laptops for Online Banking in 2021

(Top 5 Picks Out of 17)

By Online Cloud Security | Last Updated on August 28, 2021

Most secure laptops for online banking top 5 picks (2)

Online banking is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and because of this, we’ve analyzed and tested 17 laptops for the best security to protect your money online. Here are our top 5 picks of the most secure laptops for online banking. 

Top 5 Most Secure Laptops for Online Banking


Top Secure Laptop Pick for Simplicity


M1 Chip – The M1 processor chip by Apple comes with an 8-core design which allows the user to multitask easily as it can handle a lot of functions and applications at the same time without facing any difficulty.

8GB RAM – With the help of the 8GB fast RAM, you can run many programs simultaneously without experiencing any lag or stutter. This makes MacBook Air the ideal work machine.

14 Hour Battery time – If you’re thinking of sitting on your laptop for whole day sessions, you’ll just need a single charge as the battery of this laptop comes with 14 hours of lifetime.

Touch ID Apple’s Touch ID capability allows you to conduct any online transactions or business sharing securely by placing your fingerprint as a lock and key system on your device.

13 Inch Retina Display – The display of the MacBook Air M1 comes with 13 inches of pure blissful retina clarity that makes the experience incredibly immersive.

Premium Construction – All the components and the parts of the MacBook Air are made in-house and Apple uses the best of the best quality products to construct this laptop.



About the Apple MacBook Air M1 13-Inch

The Apple MacBook Air M1 is without a doubt a contender for the best and most secure laptop for business utilization and banking activities. Since the Apple MacBook Air M1 is run on the macOS operating system, it does not pose as much as a threat as Windows laptops because Windows operating systems are more heavily targeted with malware and viruses than macOS. 

In fact, according to the AV Test’s Security Report 2019/2020, about 83.45% of malware in the first quarter of 2020 targeted Windows computers, with other systems such as iOS, macOS, and Linux accounted for less than 2% in the beginning of 2020.

However that’s not to say that laptops made from Apple that use macOS are virus/malware proof and 100% secure either, you still have to practice safe internet browsing as well.

The price of this secure laptop for online banking isn’t too expensive nor is it the cheapest, Apple Macbooks use all the premium quality equipment and offers a ton of functionalities. Check on Amazon here for the best prices on the Apple MacBook Air M1 13-Inch laptop.


Best High Performance & Secure Laptop for Heavy Online Banking


15.6 Inch Display – The Dell XPS 15 9570 features a high-quality 15.6-inch bezel-less display that comes with 4k resolution and crystal clear and crisp visuals for an amazing working and playing experience.

Touchscreen – Another cool feature in the XPS 15 9570 is its touchscreen capability. The 4k bezel-less screen can be controlled and used with the help of touch commands which is a great thing.

512GB of Storage – If you’ve got a lot of past records and tons of applications to be installed on your laptop, then the very fast NVMe SSD with 512 GB of storage would definitely be a treat for you in this one.

16-32GB RAM – Thinking about running multiple programs at the same time; Well, there are 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM in this laptop that is built for specifically that purpose.

i7-8th Gen – The I7 8th gen processor i7-8570H is a multi-core processor that has the capability of processing multiple applications and programs at the same time without introducing any lag or stutter to the party. 



About the Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop

The Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop is a beast when it comes to specs and features. It is, however, more pricey than most laptops depending on the upgrades you buy with the Dell XPS 15 9570. This secure laptop can be perfect for not only online banking but for running heavy applications if you’re a stock trader or investment banker.


Best Online Banking Laptop for Easy Use and Compatibility


Windows 10 – The HP Envy 17t laptop comes with a standard Windows 10 operating system which is quite decent when it comes to providing access to programs for office management and even online banking.

Nvidia GPU – This secure laptop is great because of the inclusion of a high-quality Nvidia Geforce GPU that comes with a video memory of 4 gigabytes which is quite amazing.

16GB RAM – 16GBs of RAM is more than enough for managing all your programs, activities, and live transactions at the same time while you’re working and even playing on the side.

256GB SSD – SSDs are incredible fast and 256GBs of SSD are perfect for all kinds of storage. You can store all your programs and applications along with a ton of games and side tools as well.

I7-1165G7 – The quad-core processing power of the I7-1165G7 allows users belonging from different professional fields to easily multitask without any kind of problems or lag. So that’s also great about the Envy 17t.



About the HP Envy 17t

The HP Envy 17t with i7 intel core processor is definitely one of the better laptops by HP for strenuous multitasking, development, and online banking transactions. It is a great and secure laptop with decent functionalities and a slight knack for light gaming as well.


Best Online Banking Laptop for Compactness


I7-1165G7 – This i7-1165G7 processor is very powerful and its inclusion in the Asus ZenBook 13 allows the users to multitask, multiprocess, and work well no matter what kind of strenuous programs they might be running.

8GB RAM – This particular laptop features LPDDR3 memory which is known for being pretty fast. Plus, the 8GBs of RAM are significantly more than enough for online banking activities.

512GB SSD – One of the best features of this laptop is the memory. 512 gigabytes of SSD memory are more than enough for all your banking tools, browsers, and software applications.

13 Inch FHD Display – The size of the screen of ZenBook is 13 inches however the display is Wideview and FHD which makes the screen look crisp, clean, and very appealing.

Numberpad – On the area where the mousepad exists normally, there is a proper functioning number pad that can be used for bookkeeping and storing records as well as entering data which is pretty amazing.



About the Asus ZenBook 13

The ZenBook 13 is an incredibly revolutionary and crisp-looking piece of innovation by Asus. It is packed with features, comes for a decent price, and offers great value with its functionalities. 


Lowest Priced Laptop for Secure Online Banking


I5-1135G7 – The I5-1135G7 is a very capable processor of 8th gen and it comes with a processing speed of 3.9GHz which should be enough for regular online banking activities.

8GB RAM – The RAM in the Acer Aspire 5 laptop is DDR4 which is epic and the size is 8GB which is also pretty great for running multiple programs and applications simultaneously.

256GB SSD – SSDs are the perfect storage solution for laptops and Acer understands that. They’ve included a high-quality 256GB SSD in this machine.

15.6 Inches IPS FHD Display – The display of this laptop is 15.6 inches which is great but not only that, the display is actually FHD IPS which is the cream of the crop nowadays.



About the Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is quite a nice and affordable secure laptop for online banking. It comes with all the standard security measures but in terms of functions and overall value, it is a good find. Since online bankers usually need to take their laptops along wherever they go, the device should be relatively lightweight and easy to carry. 

The Acer Aspire 5 may not be the best laptop for online banking, but it is certainly the best option if you’re on a tight budget. 

For a secure laptop less than $1000, this sweet laptop can really do just about any basic online banking function with ease such as accessing bank accounts online, transferring money, etc, however, for more complex functions such as day trading or investment banking, you may need a more powerful laptop like the ones described in the top 4 of this list.

Why You Need a Secure Laptop when Doing Online Banking

According to a 2019 American Bankers Association Survey, it has been estimated that about 73% of Americans access their bank accounts or other sensitive information related to their bank through an online portal, such as a website or a mobile app. Not only does it make banking easier and faster but also gives you the opportunity to carry out routine banking tasks without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Some people use these apps to carry out heavy financial transactions online. It saves them a huge amount of time versus visiting a bank in person. However, one concern that many people have about online banking is the security of their confidential information. 

If you access your banking app from a laptop, for example, you have to enter your username and password. What if this sensitive information gets leaked out or there is any other security breach? The results can be devastating.

But thanks to today’s highly secure apps and laptops that offer utmost security in the form of firewalls and other features, the security risks of using online banking are minimal. 

However, if you’re serious about protecting your data and your banking information online, it’s important to buy a secure laptop for online banking that will keep your information from getting stolen.

These top 5 secure laptops also offer long battery life and a large hard drive for storing large amounts of data. They are also lightweight and easy to carry so if you have to take them along on a business trip, their weight won’t pose a problem.

After studying and testing over 17 laptops, I shortlisted five laptops that are hand tested and have been proven to protect your online banking information. 

How to Look for Secure Laptops for Online Banking

Before you buy a laptop for online banking and conducting transactions, it is important that you take some major factors into consideration. Lucky for you, I’ve made a list of all the important things you need to look for in your quest to search for secure laptops for online banking. 

Processor and RAM

Since you may be dealing with multiple applications, internet activities, and record-keeping, the processing power of the laptop needs to be high and the RAM also needs to be significantly greater than what’s required for casual surfing. This is particularly useful for people who also plan on using online portals for investing in stocks.

Storage Solution

Storage solutions are very important in laptops. Make sure your laptop has a newer, faster kind of memory like an SSD, however, a Hard Disk will also be great as long as the memory within the hard disk is enough to keep all your banking tools and applications safe and sound.


You need to make sure that the laptop you’re choosing provides a solution to your problems, and we do not recommend just buying the cheapest laptop, because online security and keeping your online banking information secure is extremely important. In this price list of our top 5 most secure laptops for online banking, we broke down a list of reasonably pricing laptops for online banking.

We also have our specialized top 5 picks for best laptops for cyber security here.

Size and Weight

The screen size of a laptop is important because you’ll be working on it and you need to make sure that everything is clearly visible and the screen isn’t too small. At the same time, you need to make sure that the size of a laptop is less so that it will be more portable.

Internet Connectivity

Finding a laptop that offers multiple internet connectivity methods is a plus. However, newer slimmer laptops do not come with ethernet ports and only offer Wi-Fi connectivity which is adequate. If a laptop offers ethernet capability, it can at times be faster than simple Wi-Fi which can be good for banking activities.

Security Features

Security in a laptop is crucial if you’re conducting sensitive banking transactions and activities on it. Make sure the laptop you choose offers multiple software security features along with physical security elements as well so your data and information can stay completely safe at all times.


There is a huge difference between accessing your email account and logging into your bank account on a laptop. If your email account gets hacked, you can get a new one right away. But having your bank account hacked is something that can open doors to unlimited problems and put your money at stake. 

Choosing a strong password and two-factor authentication are steps to secure your online app but it’s also a good idea to get a secure laptop to access your online banking account. This way you can have complete peace of mind that your sensitive information is safe.

In this post, we looked at 5 of the best laptops recommended by experts that offer extra security features as well as more space and efficiency for running banking applications that require more processing power. I have looked at their specs closely and found them all very effective for investment and online banking for individuals.

We also have another post here on the best laptops for cyber security professional and students.

You can choose whichever falls within your budget and look at its features to see if it fulfills your requirements. All these laptops have been found to be very secure in terms of offering firewalls and built-in virus protection software so that you can have a complete peace of mind when doing online banking.

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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