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Vipre vs Bitdefender – Which is Better?

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – December 24th, 2022

Vipre vs Bitdefender

Every user wants the most significant security possible; thus, to get it, you must get antivirus software with you; However, which one should you choose between Vipre vs Bitdefender? Both businesses are decades old and offer the highest protection for both residential and commercial consumers

However, since you can’t use two antivirus programs at once, you will have to pick only one, which is a difficult decision in and of itself. It makes sense if you haven’t heard anything about the Vipre Antivirus or haven’t even come across its name.

Because there are many significant market participants, others producing excellent products may get overshadowed. But let me tell you that in the antivirus market, the only factor that counts is the rating from independent testers. Vipre has received some excellent ratings that have drawn the attention of many consumers. On the other hand, Bitdefender is a relatively older, robust provider of security services, as we know.

But our objective is to contrast Vipre vs Bitdefender today; we’ll go through several factors, starting with the background of the companies and concluding with how you might select between them.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Which is Better?

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Overview


Please note that this video down below is the best review of Vipre Antivirus I could find that wasn’t all salesy and pushy, but instead a full honest review:

A multinational company headquartered in New York, VIPRE Protection Group, creates cybersecurity products emphasizing endpoint and email security and cutting-edge threat intelligence software. With 20 million+ endpoints secured, 1.2 billion+ emails handled weekly for 50k+ clients, and 4k+ active channel partners, they presently have 25+ years of malware protection expertise. They also safeguard millions of individuals and organizations, including some highly well-known brands. They can provide unrivaled protection against today’s most aggressive attacks thanks to their advanced machine learning, threat intelligence clouds, and real-time behavior monitoring.

Their work uses contemporary security solutions to secure what is most essential to us, the people around us, and even our businesses. They are the owners and operators of several prestigious cybersecurity brands for residential and commercial usage. These services provide privacy and security for everyone by giving the means to protect and inform. We are now interested in the antivirus software for residential users and how their VIPRE’s Advanced Active Protection keeps you secure from malicious viruses and ransomware during unprecedented attacks.


On the other side, Bitdefender gets already recognized as a Global Leader in Cybersecurity. Since its founding in 2001, the business has worked to protect individuals and companies worldwide against cyber-attacks to change and enhance their digital experiences. It gets recognized as providing the best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions.

They now own 440 granted patents for their key technologies, including anomaly-based detection methods that are essential for identifying and preventing new and unidentified threats and machine learning algorithms to identify malware and other dangers. And now for this, With more than 500 million customers worldwide in 2020, 5itdefender competes with software and security firms like Norton and Kaspersky, and their primary products and services get divided between personal and business usage. Additionally, at this time, we offer no-cost knowledge, threat intelligence, and cyber security consultation to any Ukrainian-based companies, governmental organizations, and individuals experiencing cyber threats.

They have a sizable staff; more than half of Bitdefender’s employees—a total of more than 1600—are security researchers and engineers.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Independent Testers


For their market-leading security solutions, Vipre has received several awards. To mention a few, let’s start with the independent testers. They got placed among the top 5 malware prevention vendors as of 2022. Additionally, they took home the 2020 Horizon Interactive Awards, the Globee® Information Technology World Award, and the 18th Annual 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Award.

According to the results of their antivirus testing, they offer 100% defense against 0-day malware assaults, including online and email threats, and 100% detection of pervasive malware. As a result, they received scores of 6 for both protection and usability and 5.5 for performance, which aligns with industry standards and allows them to meet the 10-point requirement for receiving the AV-TEST stamp of approval. While AV comparisons gave Vipre the Advance plus protection award for their comprehensive security.


The 2022 MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation for Managed Services prize went to Bitdefender, which identified 100% of the attack phases while giving actionable, summary output with a clear attack timeline and suggested measures. At the same time, AV-Comparatives recognize Bitdefender as a Strategic Leader in Endpoint Protection and Response, the highest level of accreditation.

Along with three Best Protection Awards from AV-TEST, also Bitdefender highlights its potent security for Windows systems with two distinctions in the Best Protection for Consumer Users and Corporate Users categories. Furthermore, in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer,” Bitdefender was selected as a Customers’ Choice in North America.

According to their most recent findings, they received scores of 6, the current industry standard, for performance and protection, and 5.5, which is the benchmark for usability from the AV test.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Features


At first appearance, Vipre appears to have a lot of beneficial features. If you’re curious about what Vipre truly offers, go over the highlighted features listed below.

Virus protection: You receive the best antivirus protection available, which will take care of the detection and eradication of malware, spyware, and ransomware using real-time scans to guarantee that programs and data are secure for usage. With this, the Cloud-enabled function is cheerily added for total protection to provide the quickest defense possible.

Advanced behavioral analysis: Heuristic rule sets get compared to the activities performed on the device. The danger gets prevented from acting by advanced algorithms that identify hostile actions. All of this gets completed without causing your systems to sluggishly, keeping your user’s content safe.

Browsing Track cleaner: Cleaning and securing your browser data is all part of the comprehensive scan and speedy analysis offered by the browsing track cleaner. Following a scan, VIPRE Privacy Shield identifies any pressing problems or difficulties that need your attention.

Firewall: By monitoring incoming and outgoing connections, VIPRE’s firewall safeguards your devices. Additionally, advanced firewall rules can get applied based on your requirements.

Unlimited VPN: While using an unsecure Wi-Fi network, you may safeguard your mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and other devices from Internet Service Provider eavesdropping and criminality. You won’t have to give up privacy since Internet Shield VPN by VIPRE is compatible with various devices and is simple to use. Your surfing data won’t ever be tracked, stored, or spied on while you get connected to our VPN. On their VPN, which has a no-logs policy, your browsing is kept secret and safe.


Total Security: Independent studies have shown their top anti-malware solution to be more effective than competitors at defending against sophisticated threats and having little impact on system performance. Thus, your device’s performance will not get impacted as you experience unparalleled online peace of mind.

Identity Theft Protection: If your personal information gets made public online, you might get financially and logistically impacted. As a result, Bitdefender’s Identity Theft Protection notifies you of any dangers to your identity. Continuous identity, privacy, and credit status monitoring

Password Manager: A highly functional password manager that is ultra-secure, keeps your passwords secret, and gives you access to them from anywhere, is included with Bitdefender. Your online credentials are safe and secure since they comprise the best encryption techniques currently in use.

Premium VPN: You may use Bitdefender Premium VPN with Ultra-fast speed on Android, Windows, Mac, or iOS devices to protect your online identity and activities from hackers, ISPs, and snoopers. For online privacy, protection, and safe media streaming and downloads, you may encrypt traffic for up to 10 devices. You may enjoy 4000+ servers in more than 49 countries worldwide since no traffic records get retained.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Pricing


Homeowners and users may choose from Vipre’s services quickly and conveniently based on their demands. The three package tiers that are currently available are listed below.

Antivirus Plus

It includes their top-rated antivirus protection against malware, spyware, and ransomware detection and eradication, as well as Real-time scans to guarantee that programs and files are secure to use. Additionally, you receive Cloud-enabled protection with automatic updates for the quickest protection possible. It costs about $32.99 a year and is the entry-level plan. Windows users are the only ones who can use this software.

Advanced Security

Along with its Antivirus Plus capabilities, it also includes third-party patching, which keeps all of your software currents. You receive a defense against spam and phishing email exploits, and the firewall’s Advanced Behavioral Analysis stops unwanted network connections. Keep in mind that these extra capabilities are also exclusively Windows compatible. However, antivirus protection functions do function on Mac. The annual cost was $39.99.

Ultimate Security Bundle

With all the features of the Advanced Security package, it further includes a Browsing track cleaner that eliminates your browser records, a Webcam and microphone blocker to stop snoopers, a Dark Web scanner that monitors potential identity theft and fraud, Sensitive document auditing flags files with security issues, and Unlimited VPN for all devices encrypts your web traffic. It costs $59.99/year, but the added features apart from the antivirus are only available to Windows users

All the above plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you may also download a free 30-day trial of VIPRE Advanced Security to try it out. And you will receive thorough malware defense and ransomware defense. To begin your trial, you only need to download and run the installer package. The README file within will help you familiarize yourself with the solution’s components and get going with VIPRE’s simple deployment and installation process.


To let people pay for the services they require, Bitdefender has separated its packages for residential users into many levels and sells individual products. But the top 2 plans, which are highly helpful for users, are the primary emphasis. The plans from which you might pick get shown below.

Bitdefender Premium Security

This plan can support ten devices in your house and protect them. You have complete security with Bitdefender Total Security and their Unlimited Premium VPN services. You also receive a password manager to access the ones you don’t need to remember easily. With all of them, your data get protected by many layers of ransomware defense, and your devices won’t lag because Bitdefender is the industry leader in resource management. There are monthly options available. However, the first year is $57.13 yearly.

Bitdefender Ultimate Security

This plan is an improved version of the one mentioned above, with Identity Theft Protection as an added feature. You might get financially and logistically impacted if your personal information gets made public online. However, Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection provides notifications if your identity gets threatened, allowing you to protect your finances and identity constantly. It costs $179.99, while monthly payments are also an option.

The remaining options get tailored for specific audiences, such as workplaces, businesses, or family packs with more essential requirements. Furthermore, you may test the newest Bitdefender products before purchasing. Select a product and get your free 30-day full trial version from their website.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Interface


Vipre has a very user-friendly interface with great color choices that is exceptionally intuitive. The default settings appeared reasonably excellent and didn’t require much tweaking, although numerous customizing choices are available. Despite the loss of some functionality, the macOS-compatible interface looks much nicer. The ability to scan and schedule a scan is available immediately, and the menu to use your account or change settings is shown at the top, as opposed to VIPRE Ultimate Security Bundle, which offers extra email, privacy, and firewall options. You won’t have trouble getting used to all the capabilities, but the website’s tutorial might get updated to make it more transparent.


The interface of Bitdefender is pretty straightforward and resembles Vipre in that it offers settings for your account in the upper left corner and features that are part of your subscription in the left toolbar. Users may need to carefully read the user guide provided for each product on the website, as the features are comparably greater than those of the Vipre. Overall, it is straightforward to use, and if you are familiar with the Windows Defender antivirus program, you might not even need to give it a second thought. All the feature guides have been organized and are very user friendly.

Vipre vs Bitdefender – Support


A few official statistics provided by Vipre get mentioned on their website, like their 96% customer satisfaction rating, which they work extremely hard to preserve, and their 94% high Net Promoter Scores, which indicate that their partners and clients are satisfied with our service. When you require help, it is all available around the clock with top-notch service.

Although they are also reachable via phone and email, there is no live chat option. At the same time, the support site is chock full of helpful knowledge base articles and FAQs to help users and clients. You will be in excellent hands, and your user assistance choices look comprehensive.


As said earlier, in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer,” Bitdefender was recognized as a Customers’ Choice in North America. It is all due to their vital customer service, which steps in anytime a user has difficulty and allows you to select a product to examine step-by-step instructions and responses to commonly asked problems even though their online knowledge base portion and expert community forum are already well established.

Instead, they provide consumers with choices for phone and live chat help. They inform consumers how to utilize their product in their video tutorial, tip, and trick area. Since they identify as the industry leader, which independent tests have verified, they handle customer service pretty well.

Should You Have an Antivirus Program on Your PC during These Times?

why antivirus is important in todays world

As we all know, an antivirus program gets intended to find and eliminate viruses and other harmful software. They are now relevant both personally and professionally as a result. There is no disputing that computer viruses and different types of malware pose a hazard. In addition, there is a never-ending stream of cyber criminals out to wreak harm, and it has become easier for them to carry out their crimes. It is where the OS security shield is no longer sufficient for anyone to feel sufficiently protected.

Numerous factors must get considered if you still believe that an antivirus program is unnecessary. The computer security expertise you possess and the operating system you use are two of the most crucial aspects. Therefore, you shouldn’t take the chance if you lack the understanding to maintain good cyber hygiene. Since there are hundreds of risks and the internet is still being thoroughly explored, not having antivirus software on a computer is equivalent to inviting an attack.

Antivirus programs today take care of your device in many more ways than they did in the past by giving you the tools you might need in addition to security. Furthermore, antivirus software is only one cyber security precaution that should get used in conjunction with other measures. 

However, it does provide an additional degree of security that we all need. Over 1 billion malware programs are already available, which is only growing. The AV-TEST Institute daily reports over 450,000 new harmful and possibly undesirable programs. Given this statistic, you should consider taking the necessary precautions to protect your data, such as installing antivirus software or being knowledgeable about cybersecurity.

Vipre vs Bitdefender: Which is Ultimately Better?

Having multiple options to choose from is not always applicable. You are here today to get some insights into deciding between the two top contenders since both look enticing and can help you protect yourself and your device with valuable features.

The Vipre appears to get more geared toward business clients; even though they provide solutions for Windows and Mac users at home, most of their capabilities are only available for Windows. While Bitdefender offers many more appealing solutions, including for Mac, it is more industry-focused and has more users.

The only issue you can have with this is from a financial standpoint because Vipre has significantly lower prices. At the same time, Bitdefender is more expensive after the first year and offers a monthly subscription for antivirus protection. Although Bitdefender is far better than Vipre in terms of speed, Vipre has an advantage over Bitdefender in terms of usability. This is because Bitdefender uses a little more resources than Vipre during scans.

By comparing the two alternatives above, it is evident that both are excellent contenders. Still, Bitdefender remains a good option for me because of its market reputation and current competition with Norton and other household brands. They collaborate with numerous companies on their virus detection technology. By offering a package with many capabilities for both Mac and Windows, they offer excellent identity theft protection, which Vipre seems to lack.

Therefore, even though it may appear expensive, I would choose Bitdefender if it were up to me. However, now that you have read this post, you may base your decision on the information you have learned. One thing you should have in mind is that, even if you have antivirus protection, you should be able to maintain good online hygiene since, ultimately, that is what counts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which antivirus is good for Web Protection?

Web security provided by VIPRE is fantastic since it completely prevents dangerous websites. While Bitdefender’s web filtering technology also ensures that you do not visit a dangerous website and run the risk of malware infecting your devices. Web attack defense scans each page you visit for dangers. As a result, while both have good checks in place, the Bitdefender TrafficLight extension scans the websites you visit for known cyber threats, protecting your devices, and Bitdefender is unquestionably a superb option if you’re seeking an antivirus with extremely robust online security.

What are the limitations of antivirus?

There is no assurance that a free antivirus application will provide complete security. The premium versions of antivirus software also cannot guarantee absolute protection because the best results require a combination of protection from many viewpoints. Therefore, it gets advised to enhance your online safety practices as a user rather than only depending on antivirus software. However, they assist and catch some foolish errors. Nothing is completely secure.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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