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Bitdefender vs Total AV – Things You Need to Know

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – December 24th, 2022

Bitdefender vs Total AV

The features of Bitdefender vs Total AV are the most popular among users since they safeguard user privacy and data without requiring a lot of user involvement. Both businesses are well known for producing reliable findings and have established themselves in the market. 

Since the first consideration when selecting an antivirus program is how well it detects a malware, let me say right away that both programs are excellent—nearly flawless—at identifying dangers that might pose a risk to your safety. At this point, you might be unsure about which antivirus to select.

Since both have great detection rates, you may compare them based on the value they provide beyond security. By doing so, you will be able to determine how much value you get for your money. The next step is to determine the item’s pricing. Since every business relies on subscriptions, antivirus software can occasionally be expensive.

Continue reading the post to learn more about how you may quickly choose either Bitdefender vs Total AV, and in conclusion, I’ll share my personal pick with you so you can gain some more insight into my decision.

Bitdefender vs Total AV – Things You Need to Know

Bitdefender vs Total AV – Overview


Bitdefender is a well-known global provider of best-in-class threat protection, detection, and response solutions in the cybersecurity industry. They are a Romanian cybersecurity technology firm with its headquarters in Romania, and they have been defending millions of consumer and commercial settings since 2001. Bitdefender gets dedicated to protecting businesses and individuals worldwide from cyber attacks to revolutionize and advance their digital lives. Bitdefender gets driven by a mission to be the world’s most trusted cybersecurity solutions provider.

With the support of their over 20,000 certified partners and resellers, they developed several products and features with this goal, which got supplied through partners in 170 countries. Over half of their more than 1600 employees are on their security researchers and engineers team. With 4.27% of the market share in 2020, Bitdefender was the 9th-ranked manufacturer of Microsoft Windows anti-malware software globally.

Bitdefender Labs finds 400 new threats per minute and verifies 30 billion threat queries daily thanks to significant research and development expenditures. Additionally, their security is regarded as the sector’s go-to expert for removing risks, preserving privacy and data, and promoting cyber resilience.

Total AV

A UK-based internet security firm called Protected was founded in 2016 and got off to a quick start with a team that has accomplished a lot in a brief period. Additionally, they participate in the Microsoft Virus Initiative, and their products have received certification to meet all MVI standards. Through Total AV, they provide a real-time antivirus program with extra protection and privacy options that are all accessible within the same application.

Their primary concern is online security, and they believe it should be the least of anyone’s concerns. Thus, they offer everything you need to be safe. They execute over 5,000,000 malware scans annually with their product Total AV, which has been downloaded more than 32,000,000 times globally and get presently offered in 189 nations.

They are still relatively new compared to other major companies, but they have established a reputation for providing reliable services and getting results.

Bitdefender vs Total AV - Features Comparison

So to compare both Bitdefender and Total AV, I will compare them one on one based on feature on the feature.

Virus Scanner

With its virus scanner, your downloads, installations, and executables are protected in real-time against viruses and other risks each time your computer accesses them. Their distinguished antivirus defense keeps hazardous threats off your machine and removes malware. You can also set up scheduled Smart Scans to run regularly, ensuring that your system is always protected from malware and meets 100% of the AV test’s malware detection requirements.

While Bitdefender offers unmatched strength as the most effective anti-malware program on the market, Bitdefender Total Security protects users from all types of online threats, including spyware, ransomware, zero-day vulnerabilities, rootkits, and viruses. Your privacy and data are secure. Additionally, it employs a method known as behavioral detection to monitor running applications closely and to stop complex vulnerabilities, URLs associated with malware and botnets, and brute-force assaults.

Both have a robust scanner in this instance, but Bitdefender has more options than Total AV. Both programs are 100% accurate in detecting malware, but Bitdefender outperforms Total AV in terms of protection against 0-day malware assaults, including web and email threats.

Performance & Usability

If you want to get the most out of your selections, you must make optimal use of your limited computing resources. Antivirus programs frequently drain your help, which adds another requirement to the list because you want the finest solution that consumes the fewest resources.

According to the AV test, Bitdefender and Total AV each received a performance score of 6 out of 6, demonstrating that neither slows down your device’s performance. However, Bitdefender loses usability points because it sometimes mistakenly identifies safe software as malicious during system scans. Overall, Total AV is in the lead with no false positives.

As far as interface usage is concerned, Total AV shines better than Bitdefender with a more intuitive, sleek interface

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You may obtain the service that gives you online privacy with Bitdefender Premium VPN by encrypting all traffic both in and out on your PC, Mac, or mobile devices. With Bitdefender Premium VPN, your real IP is hidden, making it impossible for anybody to link your online activity to you. Your traffic is also encrypted, making it impossible for anyone—not for your ISP—to monitor what you are doing online. You receive a quick connection to 4000+ servers in more than 49 countries worldwide for online privacy, anonymity, and a no-log policy.

With just one click, Total AV allows you to encrypt your online usage, protecting the privacy of your browser history and personal information. Your activities are entirely anonymous and difficult to trace when using their VPN. Additionally, with the availability of OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, you may customize for greater privacy or faster speeds while maintaining complete anonymity even if your internet connection is lost. You can access 70+ Super Fast servers in more than 30 different countries.

Both companies offer reliable VPN services, but Bitdefender offers servers in more countries and has far more servers overall.

Parental Controls

The ability to limit the content your child may view when using Windows, macOS and Android-based devices is a unique feature of Bitdefender. With Parental Control, you may ban a specific website via the Bitdefender Central website or the Central app. 

You may set up a Child Profile on a device that Bitdefender Parental Control is watching, restrict your kid’s access to the Internet and particular apps, and stop them from accessing objectionable information while you aren’t around. Parental Control must get set up before you may utilize this function. Visit Bitdefender’s official guide for additional details on setting up Parental Controls.

Parental control features are absent from TotalAV, and BitDefender shines in this area.


By preventing unwanted incoming and outbound connection attempts, keeping track of connection attempts, and choosing which to allow and which to deny, Bitdefender Firewall offers an additional layer of safety. You may adjust the firewall to achieve the optimum result. Still, depending on the network you are connected to, it can prevent some apps from accessing the Internet or your local network. You may go to the office guide website to learn more about how the firewall functions and how to set it up with rules that suit you.

However, since TotalAV doesn’t have a firewall, Bitdefender can excel from a different angle.

Password Manager

A multi-platform program called Bitdefender Password Manager allows you to save and manage your internet passwords. It is equipped with the best cryptographic methods currently available, including AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, and HTTPS, making it easy to manage all of your logins with the use of a single master password. You can also purchase it separately, and Bitdefender Password Manager features a function that makes it simple to import passwords from other password services and browsers. As always, you may try the service free for 90 days before you decide to purchase it.

With TotalAV’s Password Vault, you can save all your passwords encrypted and in one location. It also makes it simple to create unique passwords for all your online accounts. Details about your login and password are kept in your vault and protected by a master password. You may save your login information with Chrome and Firefox and enjoy Auto-fill with browser integration.

Bitdefender’s cross-platform option outperforms Total AV, although both password managers are generally straightforward to use.

Optimization Features

Bitdefender is exclusive, in-house technology that can adapt to your system’s hardware and software setup and save you vital processing resources if you are sick of security software that makes your computer run slowly. Space may be made available, registries can be cleaned and repaired, browsers can get optimized, and Windows settings can get changed to improve the speed with just one click.

Along with this, ensures that your computer is functional for you. Instead of having to carry your PC to a store, remote services can connect to it. They search for and eliminate unused or outdated programs and clean up temporary files and leftovers. Utilize customized adjustments to get the most from your machine.

Once the application is up and running, you can locate your system tune-up capabilities in the TotalAV application under the speedometer in the sidebar. It will provide you with capabilities comparable to those of Bitdefender and aid in PC optimization for improved performance.

Both provide many optimization fixes for your device, so you may pick whichever one you like. However, if you’re interested in the remote service, Bitdefender is the right choice.

Customer Service

Both provide vital customer service, with choices for phone support, a 24/7 email address, and live chat, making them immensely helpful for those who are not computer savvy and need help.

Bitdefender vs Total AV – Pricing


Bitdefender comes in various packages that you can choose from depending on the space you are in or the features you may require. Below are the prominent plans you can keep your eye on.

Bitdefender Total Security

This bundle completely exceeds rivals in terms of malware protection and influence on system performance and includes their top antivirus solution against sophisticated assaults. Without affecting the speed of your device, you get unmatched online peace of mind. With additional features like Device Optimizer, Privacy Firewall, and Parental Control, you have security for up to 5 devices. Alternatively, you may forgo these capabilities and use Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Antivirus Plus standard features for Windows.

Additionally, Bitdefender Total Security provides unrivaled ransomware defense to secure your files, photos, and videos from all known and unknown online dangers. Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus may now get purchased directly from the website; click here to get to the store. Prices range from $39.11 and $29.98.

Bitdefender Premium Security

This package is made for ten devices and includes all the features necessary for complete protection on Windows, macOS, and more devices. Additionally, it consists of a Password Manager and an Unlimited Premium VPN. As the VPN service in comprehensive security has a cap, your devices can utilize it without any restrictions. Your password may be kept safe and accessible at all times in a password manager, which is a safe and secure location. It costs $57.13 and is available directly from their web store.

Bitdefender Ultimate Security

With additional protection for up to 10 devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. You receive the same comprehensive security provided by Total Security, Unlimited Premium VPN, and Password Manager as part of the aforementioned package, plus an Identity Theft Protection feature that safeguards your identity online. Since a stolen identity may cost you money and effort, your personal information is susceptible if disclosed online.

Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection alerts you in the case of any identity concerns so you can continually safeguard your money and identity. To help you prevent identity theft, your identity, privacy, and credit status will get constantly monitored. If identity theft does occur, they will provide restoration services and Identity Theft Insurance, up to $2 million.

Total AV

For Total AV, packaging based on features is relatively simple. All of its services have got separated into three categories.

Antivirus Pro

Although this is the entry-level bundle, it does include a lot of features that you may explore. While Zero Day Cloud Scanning is accessible for new threats, you will maintain Control over and eliminate Viruses, Trojans, and Malware in addition to real-time antivirus protection. The system tune-up tools and disk cleaner will keep your device working smoothly while providing security against phishing scams and malware. You may get it by clicking here for around $32.

Internet Security

This plan is a replica of the one mentioned above, but it includes Safe Browsing VPN protection, allowing you to combine the strength of a VPN with threat prevention. Extra was added, up to $40, during the first year.

Total Security

The features of the previous two plans get included in the whole security plan, but it also includes Total Adblock, Password Vault, and support for up to 6 Devices. If you want to see if the compromised identity impacts you, this is a strategy you may choose. They keep an eye on your SSN, credit cards, health insurance, and bank account numbers, among other critical identity-related details. For the first year, it was about $65 in price.

Note: Intersections Inc. (Aura) provides Total AV’s identity protection services, and American International Group, Inc. subsidiaries or affiliates are responsible for underwriting insurance products. Additional insurance details can be found on their member portal, albeit coverage might not get offered in every jurisdiction.

How Antivirus Keeps You Safe?

are antivirus programs effective in keeping your PC safe

Every antivirus program gets created with the single goal of protecting user privacy and data from being misused. Today, there are several antivirus firms. As I previously mentioned, their primary goals are the same, but their methods vary. Every antivirus provider uses a different algorithm to search for viruses, malware, and other evil software created to harm your devices.

Since malware and viruses might potentially target any device that connects to the Internet, here, antivirus also detects, inhibits, and gets rid of viruses. And it accomplishes it in a few different ways but for protecting the user. It guards you against current dangers using a comprehensive list of known threats and against entirely new threats using technologies that can precisely identify them. And although the user may continue to do what they want securely, this background file search is ongoing.

Aside from that, as we have covered with Bitdefender and Total AV, today’s antivirus programs come with various functions. They come with features in their multiple bundles, while some are even partially missing. Therefore, the user must determine which features and antivirus providers to utilize. We don’t give usability a lot of weight because protecting your computer is the most crucial aspect of security software. Still, a bad user interface might detract from a product’s total rating. And based on the factory, as mentioned earlier, you should be aware of how to select an antivirus and what it will shield you against.

Bitdefender vs Total AV: Bottom Line

The best perimeter security options for your home or company are Bitdefender and Total AV. These two have acquired a considerable following of committed clients. Even while Bitdefender performs better than Total AV in terms of functionality, it still has a fierce rivalry.

The central area where I see competition is in certain helpful functions that Total AV can be missing, such as a firewall, which is necessary for protection when used in conjunction with antivirus. The subsequent comparison is how effective certain features are, as both provide comparable alternatives aside from that. 

You can see which software falls short in certain areas after I conducted the above feature-by-feature comparisons. However, Total AV does excel in having a more user-friendly UI than Bitdefender because all of the features in TotalAV’s desktop and mobile apps are simple to use, dependable, and well-designed.

Both antivirus programs are practical and valuable in protecting your computer ultimately. My preference is Bitdefender since, in contrast to Total AV, it offers pretty comprehensive features in addition to the security you want. Total AV is possible if features are more important to you than protection, but if you want protection, Bitdefender is your only choice. Bitdefender has one of the finest performance rates in the antivirus business, as tested by several independent testers globally. They manage their identity theft protection themselves rather than any third party, as in the case of Total AV.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Firewall with Antivirus?

All data passing across the network, both incoming and outgoing, is protected by a firewall. Sometimes, VPNs get compared, but VPNs give you a secure connection and the ability to access blocked websites. A firewall can only put up a layer of limitations.

The firewall today gets currently combined with antivirus. Therefore you don’t need to consider this as both are significant since their fundamental capabilities offer various security enforcing functions. The firewall gets fortunately included with Bitdefender, but TotalAV does not, which is a crucial anti-malware function that stops malware from propagating on a local network level.

Is VPN With Antivirus Necessary?

As online threats grow daily, VPNs and antivirus software are the two essential tools. A premium VPN serves the function of protecting you from hackers and curious individuals who could be interested in your data. Although antivirus software protects against viruses and malware, it regularly scans to identify, contain, and remove them.

Both pieces of software’s primary purpose are to provide protection; however, some of their tasks overlap because of how they get used and the situations in which they get used. However, the answer is yes if you’re questioning if you require both because perfect protection requires a VPN service and antivirus software. Antivirus software and VPNs operate in tandem to protect your data and equipment.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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Dave Miller is an IT Consultant for Online Cloud Security and has over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology space. He also specializes in repairing laptops & computers. In his spare time, he loves to talk about new technologies and hosts monthly IT and Cyber Security meetings in the Houston area.

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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