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Top 3 Strongest Encryption Software Programs for Cyber Security & Protection

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – March 13th, 2022

Top 3 Strongest Encryption Software Programs

As security breaches continue making waves, people’s trust in the internet is eroding; As a result, more firms are turning to encryption software.

Fact: The market gets expected to increase at an annual growth rate of 10.1 % from 2020 to 2025, bringing total expenditure on data protection and risk evaluation solutions to $221 billion in 2025.

Encryption can aid in protecting data sent, received, and stored on a device. The technique is pretty simple. As the name implies, Encryptions software turns ordinary text and files into text which can get decoded using any human language. It is currently among the most common and successful data security technologies businesses employ. But, you might wonder what software you should use and the strongest encryption software?

Continue reading the article; later in the article, I’ll overview encryption technologies. First, I’ll go through the strongest encryption software you can use right now.

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Having a Strong Encryption Software Program is Even More Crucial Now

The legacy of encryption dates back long before the invention of the internet or even computers. However, encryption is the technique of scrambling data into an incomprehensible format ciphertext. With the correct decryption key, the jumbled ciphertext can only get decoded back into understandable plaintext. Since all firms that gather personally identifiable information must safeguard that data in today’s society. Even if you can encrypt everything to secure your data as an individual user, as it gets recommended these days

Let’s go over some terms to summarize this technology; these are also the terms that you will often see when you go for any encryption software

Encryption Algorithm: Algorithms are the rules that govern the encryption process. The encryption’s efficiency gets determined by the key size, function, and characteristics of the encryption method in use.

Decryption: Decryption is restoring encrypted data to its original form.

Key: An encryption key is a random array of bits explicitly constructed to encrypt data.

Strongest Encryption Software – Top Three Picks

Let’s not keep you waiting any longer; let’s look at the best encryption software that I believe has market worth and created value in the world of encryption.

1. AxCrypt - File Security Made Easy

AxCrypt encryption software

AxCrypt is an excellent all-around tool for PC and MAC that combines local file encryption with secure file-sharing. It supports AES encryption of 128-bit and 256-bit, and files may get viewed via a mobile app.

AxCrypt Premium does have a clean, modern appearance, and you’ll scarcely notice it while it’s operating. It may not be as robust as competitors. It is, nonetheless, a feasible option for smaller businesses that may lack the financial means to support more comprehensive solutions. If you use AxCrypt Business, you can additionally access Password Management, which allows you to store passwords and codes and manage them efficiently securely

It works by protecting files in Secured Folders, automatically encrypted when you sign out. It’s one of the few programs that can handle public-key encryption. Furthermore, it gets added to your Windows context menu, allowing you to right-click whatever file on your computer to encrypt or permanently delete it.

Both business and premium plans have a one-month trial period and cost $9.92 per month per user and $3.75 per month, respectively.



2. Folder Lock - Lock & Hide Files Within Seconds

Folder Lock encryption software one of the strongest
from Softpedia

Folder Lock is another attractive alternative for adding protection because it can either encrypt or lock files so that no one can access them. Folder Lock, like AxCrypt Premium, uses a master password.  It allows you to drag files and folders into the program and add password security.

Folder Lock’s ability to secure sensitive data isn’t the only thing it can do. Folder Lock can also backup those files with hassle-free online backups to the cloud. All interactions within Folder Lock and their online servers get done over secure 128-bit SSL connections. It comes in a variety of packages to meet varied backup requirements.

The primary application is free to download, but a pro edition with much more advanced and advantageous security measures is available for a one-time fee. The regular price of a Folder Lock license is $39.95. To utilize the Secure Backup capability, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription based on the amount of storage you require.



3. NordLocker – Easy, Efficient, Encrypted

using NordLocker secure encryption software
from Website Planet

End-to-end encryption, commonly known as zero-knowledge encryption, is used by NordLocker. It implies that no one, including Nord Security workers, will be able to decrypt your files. It comes from the well-known NordVPN Vpn Connection creators, a household brand in recent years. Although NordLocker is essentially an online storage platform, encrypted information may be stored locally, appealing to some individuals or businesses.

Local encryption implies that files get encrypted on your device’s hard disk. If a hacker gained access to your smartphone or computer, they would be unable to decode or access NordLocker-encrypted data.

It comes with 256-bit AES encryption, sufficient for most data, but it excels in 4096-bit encryption. Drag-and-drop is the simplest way to add or remove individual files from NordLocker, and it works with all file formats. NordLocker has no limitations in encrypting data, and you can encrypt every file if you want to.

NordLocker gets offered a freemium payment approach. Anyone may download the program and encrypt data locally on the free version. The free version includes 3 GB of private cloud storage for your data. However, customers who want cloud storage must switch to a premium plan, which costs $3.99 per month for 500GB of storage and $9.99 per month for 2TB of storage.



Picking the Strongest Encryption Software: 5 Things to Look For

Here are some critical considerations for any program you want to employ. I have already factored these considerations into my pick of the 3 Top Strongest Encryption Software listed above.

Types of Encryption - Standards

There are several encryption forms; some are simple, while others are complicated. 

Symmetric: Because both the encryption/decryption keys are the same using a symmetric technique, the very same key must get used to ensure safe communication.

Note: This technique of encrypting data is considered outdated.

Asymmetric: Asymmetric encryption employs the concept of a key pair, with each key used for encryption and decryption. The asymmetric cipher has proven significantly more challenging to crack while encrypting data simultaneously.

File Batch and Size Handling

Some alternatives can help with excellent visibility and scalability to handle considerable data volumes at once. As a result, be sure that the file encryption program can effectively manage your data.

Encryption Keys Storage

When a server gets hacked, the encryption key used to protect the data from the server can get hacked as well. As a result, keeping your encryption keys safe is critical. There are a few different options, but the most secure is for the customer to have physical access to the keys for their data. Look for the software and its encryption key storage practices.

Ease of Usage with Price Reduction

You may encrypt files as required and schedule regular procedures using a complete file encryption tool. It helps you save time and money while reducing human error by reducing the multitude of times activities must be repeated. Choose software that will help you safeguard your data while lowering your operating costs.

Bottom Line

Because cyberattacks are constantly expanding, security professionals must devise new techniques and tactics to combat them. You should ensure that your security tools incorporate encryption, whether it’s to secure your email exchanges or stored data. Usually, organizations secure their customers and businesses by encrypting their data. Still, home users cannot get forgotten, as their personal information is just as vital and should be protected.

I hope that this guide will assist you in finding the best option and help you keep your data safe in a world full of inevitable breaches.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

IT Consultant at Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller is an IT Consultant for Online Cloud Security and has over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology space. He also specializes in repairing laptops & computers. In his spare time, he loves to talk about new technologies and hosts monthly IT and Cyber Security meetings in the Houston area.

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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