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How to Block Neighbor's Security Camera: Stop Nosy Neighbors!

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – September 18th, 2022

how to block neighbors security camera

Everyone is legally permitted to install security cameras on their property, but many people wonder how to block neighbors security camera when they start to feel a little inquisitive.

Since all US individuals are required to have a reasonable expectation of privacy under US law. It is forbidden to record any person’s video in any setting ordinarily thought of as private.

Your house gets not just seen as a private place in the US, but it is also regarded as the most intimate space when issues of constitutional invasions are involved. The ability to learn more about how to handle these circumstances is required.

Continue reading the article to learn more about your legal rights and critical advice for handling this trying circumstance.

How to Block Neighbors Security Camera: Stop the Nosy Neighbors!

Security Cameras in Residential Houses

learning how to spot a fake security camera

According to the definition, a security camera captures people’s movements to spot and stop crime. To put it another way, a home security camera is a video recording device that records footage of your house and property. And lets you watch it on another device from anywhere.

The world of home security cameras might be complicated since there are so many acronyms and various gadgets. Typically, when we refer to it as CCTV, we really mean closed-circuit television, also called video surveillance. Recent years have witnessed substantial advancements in home security cameras, and the market got predicted to grow at a CAGR of 20.02% from 2022 to 2032.

However, the purpose of the security camera has not changed over time, and the advantages that the most advanced home surveillance cameras provide make them excellent security tools. Additionally, they’re perfect gadgets for house security because they typically discourage and lessen robbery.

Fact: Security cameras are a strong deterrent, even if they won’t stop all break-ins. But if you install a security camera, your house is 300% less likely to be broken into than one that doesn’t.

Considering that you are permitted to install cameras all around the home or on their property. This benefit might occasionally be the exact reverse when someone else’s camera is pointing at your home. That is why I am here to help you with how to block neighbors security camera.

Bonus info: Walter Bruch initially created CCTV technology to study weaponry rather than people. Similar to how researchers may watch nuclear weapon tests, Vericon introduced the first closed-circuit television system for sale in the US in 1949.

Nosy Neighbors Cameras

Nosy persons tend to breach other people’s privacy because they are overly curious about what others are doing. One example of a person who can be considered inquisitive is an individual who is continuously spying on their neighborhood and listening in on conversations.

If you don’t live on hundreds of acres of empty land, you’ve dealt with neighbors somehow. A friendly neighbor may make a living in a neighborhood more enjoyable and can be a dependable source to help secure your house. Being disrespectful to the property is the worst quality a neighbor can possess. Anyone could typically encounter problems if a neighbor’s conduct consistently obstructs your ability to live in your home.

These days, every neighbor and their brother has a security camera, and as per one old survey, 43 percent owned at least one security camera. Although it might be a severe infringement of privacy, it is beneficial for safety. So they may annoy many people by having cameras as you can have around your property. Sometimes individuals may feel upset even though their privacy is not getting violated. Though unpleasant, this might not even be harmful. The real risk comes when someone uses a surveillance camera to film you for the wrong reasons.

What choices do you have, then? I’ll discuss several suggestions and tactics, but let’s start by discussing the law in this situation.

CCTV Laws In residential Homes

Although various residential CCTV systems are available to assist you in defending your house. There are undoubtedly specific privacy laws that you should uphold. The USA doesn’t have clearly laid out policies. But in the UK, the Data Protection Act of 1998 covers the primary legislation governing the installation and usage of CCTV. However, it only applies to corporations and organizations, not private residences.

Considering this Act, you must ensure your CCTV usage conforms to these regulations. As a result, if you configure your system correctly, it should only record photographs on your domestic property. However, if your neighbor refuses, you may feel the camera is spying on you.

Although it may seem intrusive and unsettling, your neighbors have every right to direct their security cameras to your home. All they need to do is preserve the rights of the individuals whose photographs they are collecting and adhere to your legal duties under the data protection laws.

So before going to how to block neighbors security camera, the alternatives you have to handle if this is not the case are listed below.

Human Right Act

The Human Rights Act of 1998 in the UK exists for more reasons than protection in dire circumstances, including torture and persecution. Your rights as a law-abiding citizen going about your daily business get included in this Act.

Therefore, you could have cause to take action against your neighbor under laws included by the Human Rights Act. It is as if they have a camera pointing directly at another person’s property. And it gets suspected that it can catch all or part of a neighbor’s property. Your claim that your privacy got invaded and that your CCTV system amounts to harassment or voyeurism will be supported by appropriate evidence.

USA State Privacy Laws

Even if there are a lot of grievances on social media and in regional US internet forums. The most frequent query is, “ how to block neighbors security camera? It often implies that people feel uneasy because they think the owners of the cameras are spying on them or their property.

However, because there are presently no federal rules governing surveillance cameras, each state needs to establish its regulations. At the moment, Only 16 of the 50 states have passed legislation governing video surveillance.

Generally speaking, the privacy act may not hold private surveillance camera operators liable. They could, however, be subject to municipal, state, and territorial legislation. The right to privacy encompasses this area because it is freedom from unnecessary notoriety, the ability to live without the public’s intrusion, and the right to be left alone.

So, the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment must get upheld by the State legislation governing video surveillance. The amendment prohibits the surveillance of individuals in locations where they have a right to privacy without their permission.

Note: Laws around security cameras vary by state and county. Check out your state or local sheriff’s website for more information.

Consent Laws

According to consent legislation in numerous states, most jurisdictions that prohibit the non-consensual recording of a person demand that they are in a location where they expect privacy. Additionally, it is now against the law to use a camera to secretly observe, view, or record someone in a home without their consent. The link below demonstrates how many states have varied perspectives on this matter. Contact the regional legal firms in your state for further information and to take the necessary steps.

How To Block Neighbors Security Camera – Crucial Tips

Apart from just the legal options, you also have many different options to go forward with how to block neighbors security camera.


talk to neighbors for issues regarding security camera

In every element of life, communication is essential. Your daily home operations will go more smoothly if you maintain positive relationships and open lines of communication with your neighbors. No one enjoys a nosy neighbor, but the first thing I would advise you to do is to visit and speak with your neighbor. It is the first thing to do before you go for how to block neighbors security camera.

90% of the world’s problems may get resolved by communication. Yet, a solution may not be achievable if one party is unwilling, to be honest with the other. Therefore, when you try to communicate, it provides you the best chance to address problems. It encourages building a space where the two of you can live together.

You could be considering what to say, so it is likely the first detail to bring up concerning the camera issue. Perhaps even your neighbor is unaware that your camera gets directed at your window or garden.

Find out whether your neighbor is employing a phony or real camera. There’s always a chance they don’t know about it, or it’s just a coincidence. You can request that the camera get pointed in an area where you feel more comfortable. At the very least, reasonable individuals will attempt to reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Fake CCTV Cameras

are security cameras effective

Okay, one more step remains before you try to block your neighbor’s view of the camera. Identifying if the camera is a real one or not is the purpose of this phase. In principle, fake security camera systems are cheap to prevent potential thieves.

There is a good chance that your neighbor has a fake camera. At the same time, fake security cameras can sometimes act as a deterrent. However, because they are unable to record anything, why bother blocking when you will be able to tell that it is a phony one?

You can immediately ask the neighbor, but that may not always be the case, to identify the false camera. Most infrared security cameras emit a red light that may get seen at night. Therefore you may apply approaches like that here. You can see whether wires or red lights get linked to the cameras.

If someone examines it very closely, shoddy plastic and the absence of a brand mark may reveal a fake. However, it would help if you abode by the law using a surveillance system, which goes for both actual and false devices.

Block Camera Vision

Use Curtains

Although it’s not the best idea if you prefer sunshine, the best choice if the camera is pointing at your window is to hide the view of your window.

The usage of blackout curtains is one of the choices. Blackout curtains will block light better than any other type of curtain, which is its main advantage. So, whichever method you choose, blackout curtains are, without a doubt, the best choice for increasing privacy in your house.

While one of those space blankets, made of metalized mylar, is another simple and inexpensive option. It will block the majority of thermal or IR imaging and unquestionably stop anyone from seeing much detail through a window and drapes.

Use Window Films

Another fantastic method to keep outsiders from peeping through your window is security window film. There are several reasons companies and households add window security films for protection. You can add those to block the neighbor’s camera view. Moreover, whether you want your security window film to be visible or not is entirely up to you. The average cost to install window security film is $5–$8 per square foot, and it can endure for ten to twenty years.

Fence Additions

Another option is to increase the height of your existing fence to prevent people from seeing through it. Depending on the kind of fence you have, there are several fence extensions. With just a hammer and a few nails, adding a fence to a wood fence is quite simple, and from the below link, you can browse some fence extensions from Amazon.

Block with Plants

Even a plant, collection of bushes, or mature tree tall enough to obstruct the camera’s direction is possible. You will access more flora and hindrance in your neighbor’s camera view.

Install Your Own Cameras

By installing your security cameras facing in the opposite direction from your neighbor’s, you may always respond to him with the same thing. As a result, he may get concerned about his privacy, but he will be able to comprehend what you say. Making the neighbors take their own medicine may sound silly, but it could work. You can lawfully install your home security cameras as lawfully your neighbor had installed them.

Look for a Mediator

Get a mediator if you are still more interested in communication. Disabling the security cameras can be possible by asking the mediators for assistance. In most cases, you may locate mediators through a nearby community agency. They can set up a mediation session and act as a neutral third party to resolve the issue.

Things to AVOID When Trying to Block Your Neighbor’s Security Camera

Since you arrived at this page searching for information on how to block neighbors security camera. Other articles written on this issue are there on the internet. But the point is that they have developed several strategies that could potentially be more effective. But they neglect to emphasize if that action’s legality may put you at risk. So below are some of the things you should avoid.

  • Avoid suggestions to cut or tamper with your neighbor’s camera’s wiring or cords. Getting caught on camera will escalate the situation and get you into trouble—similar definitions of tampering with equipment, including obstructing or obscuring a camera’s lens, are prohibited. Knowingly falsifying or tampering with any monitoring equipment or procedure is illegal.

  • Avoid utilizing lasers or other powerful lights since doing so would get considered obstructing the camera’s vision for personal reasons and, in addition, would cause the camera to record you doing so. A camera cannot capture a picture at night if thieves employ an infrared illuminator, an intense LED torch light, or even a reflective board. You might get into trouble for using light to obstruct cameras.

  • Avoid the suggestions to hack or jam camera signals, as doing so is complicated and needs sophisticated espionage gear. Even if you are successful, hacking into a computer system, a computer network, or any other system is always prohibited. Federal law prohibits blocking, jamming, or interference with approved radio communications using signal jamming equipment.

How to Block Your Neighbor’s Security Camera: Bottom Line

Like many others, you don’t want to have a nosy neighbor. However, we occasionally cause issues through other behaviors that must get acknowledged. The case looks to be personal regarding your privacy, most likely. Thus, I’ve covered several rules and regulations today that you may use to halt this practice or decide how best to handle it. You can always use a law firm’s services and manage just well.

However, if you want to obstruct the view of the neighboring camera, you may do it yourself. It would help if you exercised some caution since you do not want to get into trouble. I hope you can see why I suggest against doing as others would after reading material online. Remember that communicating in a polite manner to your neighbor about this issue is the solution to your problem at the end of the day.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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Dave Miller is an IT Consultant for Online Cloud Security and has over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology space. He also specializes in repairing laptops & computers. In his spare time, he loves to talk about new technologies and hosts monthly IT and Cyber Security meetings in the Houston area.

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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