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Best VPNs for Crypto Trading & Mining – Ultimate VPN Selection Guide

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – July 13th, 2022

best VPNs for crypto trading and mining

Many VPNs are available, but picking the best VPNs for Crypto trading and mining might be challenging. A lousy can take your latency up, reducing your mining profitability. On the other side, a VPN can assist you in defending your location from potential threats.

Your internet activity gets concealed from parties in the middle, even your ISP, when you use a VPN. As our society transitions to a digital one, a VPN can offer you the appropriate security you require. Your crypto assets might be vulnerable to hacking without a VPN. Thankfully, several excellent VPNs are available, which are ideal for anybody venturing into the realm of cryptocurrency trading and mining.

Continue reading the article for comprehensive specifics on how a VPN will protect your digital assets while mining or trading. I’ll present the most effective options currently available.

Best VPNs for Crypto Trading & Mining

VPN – Encrypted Tunnel Traffic

describing a VPN tunnel for trading crypto

Converting a public internet connection into a private network, a virtual private network, or a VPN allows online privacy and security. For the typical internet user today, a VPN is nothing new. Although the number of VPN users is growing steadily each day, there were scarcely any users a few years ago. All data traffic transferred over an encrypted virtual tunnel while using a VPN to access the internet helps to create your online identity by obscuring your IP address.

Facts: The increasing downloads to 785 million in 2021 indicate that the global VPN industry will hit over $91.20 billion by 2026. About a quarter of the people solely use VPNs for professional purposes, while close to 30% use them for personal purposes.

Since no one like being seen or followed, even if they have nothing to hide. So, you must raise your privacy game with a VPN, which aims to hide your internet activity. Therefore, investing in the Best VPN for Crypto Trading or mining will advance your degree of anonymity if you are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Top 5 Best VPN for Crypto Trading & Mining

Here is my list of the Best VPN for Crypto Trading or mining cryptocurrencies. However, if you want to know how I choose these services and why having a VPN is crucial in cryptocurrencies, skip this section and read the rest of the details first.

Express VPN - High-Speed, Secure & Anonymous VPN Service

ExpressVPN one of the best VPNs for crypto trading

Every VPN review will place ExpressVPN at the top. The British Virgin Islands-based firm Express Technologies Ltd. provides the ExpressVPN service. You may use it to connect safely from any location worldwide. You have authority over an extensive network of 3000+ servers thanks to their network of high-speed servers spread throughout 94 countries. These fantastic speeds make connecting to and exploring cryptocurrency exchanges easier, enhancing your trading and mining experience.

Several independent testers assess security and privacy. It employs the RSA key, SHA-512 HMAC authentication, perfect forward secrecy, and sophisticated AES 256-bit encryption for security. It has an optional kill switch that provides additional protection by preventing all network activity if the VPN loses connectivity, safeguarding your identity. Any information that may get used to identifying you, such as DNS requests or traffic statistics, is never logged by ExpressVPN and will never be. Furthermore, its threat manager prevents websites and apps from interacting with trackers and other nefarious parties.

Price: You can buy an express VPN at $ 8.32 per month. For the first 30 days of service, you get a hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee on all pricing tiers.

Buying Options: Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card, and others.



NordVPN - Ultimate Security Package

NordVPN VPN for crypto trading

One of the most reliable VPNs on the market, NordVPN prioritizes security and has unique features that enable you to protect your data. With NordVPN, you don’t have to give up speed for more security. To experience the fastest VPN service in the world for cryptocurrency trading and mining, pick from over 5500 NordVPN servers in 58 countries.

It guarantees AES-256-CBC cipher server network encryption, which will make your transactions even more secret. Making a copy of the data logs is strictly prohibited since it operates RAM-only servers and follows a strict no-logs policy. Now that NordVPN has completed no-logs audits conducted by the industry’s leading Big Four auditing agency. So, it is clear that all of your data gets protected by their cutting-edge encryption.

Up to six devices can be connected using one NordVPN account. All of them should be secured together, and For optimal security, encrypt your VPN connection and internet traffic. Keep your online browsing private. Don’t allow anyone to monitor your internet activity.

Price: The regular plan is available for $4.99/month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Buying Options: For all of its plans, NordVPN accepts credit cards, Coinbase, XRP, ETH, and BTC.



CyberGhost - Unrivalled Anonymity

CyberGhost VPN for crypto trading

CyberGhost is an excellent option for cryptocurrency trading because of its highly secure NoSpy servers. These internal servers that only their internal personnel can physically access and operate. It is not subject to the 5-eyes’ jurisdiction. CyberGhost VPN currently has over 8000 servers spread across 92 countries.

Your internet traffic gets encrypted by CyberGhost VPN, which masks your actual IP address and does not log it. Your internet history and data are deleted from NoSpy servers as soon as you log out, thanks to the enhanced protective measures with impenetrable 256-bit AES encryption standards.

NoSpy server hardware offers all the needed security and privacy. It also has a dedicated uplink to provide super-fast speeds for mining and trading cryptocurrencies. You will also receive the Kill Switch, which cuts off your internet access if it drops for even a millisecond. The modern and user-friendly design of CyberGhost VPN makes it incredibly simple to download and use, making it more suitable even for beginners.

Price: You can buy the plan for 4.29/mo, which comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Buying Options: Cyberghost now accepts payments made through PayPal, credit cards, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin through Bitpay)



Surfshark - Secure Your Digital Life

SurfShark VPN for crypto trading and mining

While visiting countries with crypto censorship, Surfshark offers a variety of choices to help you maintain your online independence. You don’t need to be concerned about monitoring your transactions with 3,200+ servers spread over 65 locations. Its IP rotator changes your IP without causing you to lose connection to the VPN, making it more difficult to trace and enhancing your VPN experience.

Split tunneling and enterprise-grade infrastructure are only two of the remarkable features offered by Surfshark. According to research from Cure53, Surfshark’s server network relies on sensible defaults. You didn’t have to worry regarding IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks thanks to technologies like a kill switch and DNS leak prevention that get incorporated for the necessary safety.

Additionally, the auto-connect feature will create a connection whenever your device accesses the internet and encrypt your online activity once again to prevent tracking or data theft. Your sensitive data never gets logged; therefore, all your information is confidential.

Price: It gets prices at $2.49/mo with an unlimited number of devices for connection and all with 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

Buying Options: Currently, Surfshark accepts credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, cryptocurrency (CoinGate and CoinPayments for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple), as well as other well-known payment methods. However, these options may differ depending on your location.



Private Internet Access - Get Ultimate Internet Freedom

Private Internet Access VPN for crypto trading and mining

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a solid option for users of crypto platforms. It offers servers in 84 countries and several next-generation VPN servers tuned for 10 Gbps connection speeds. It provides you with greater control over your online privacy. It completely encrypts your connections with a static IP address only you can access. It offers you a more stable, interruption-free web surfing experience.

Apart from the standard AES-256 encryption, the VPN keeps things simple with robust encryption. You also have access to a kill switch, which secures your data. A stringent no-logs policy supports the VPN, and they have court decisions to support their claims.

The MACE ad and malware blocker from Private Internet Access complements its premium VPN service. It protects your Crypto Wallet by maintaining a database of servers linked to malware and trackers. With PIA’s unique split-tunneling options, you can select which programs or IP addresses go around the VPN tunnel. It automates and enhances your experience with Best VPN for Crypto Trading or mining.

Price: You may get Private Internet Access for $3.33/mo for up to 10 devices at once, giving you all the online privacy you need. IP Addresses in Every US State are available for as little as $2.03 per month. It comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee

Buying Options: You can use a credit card, Sofort, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or cryptocurrency (BitPay, BTC, ETH, LTC) to make a payment (Depending on your jurisdiction, additional taxes can be due)



Features to Look for While Buying VPN for Crypto Trading

Choosing the best VPN for Crypto trading is as complicated and complex as deciding which crypto you want to invest in. You should consider a comprehensive list of factors before selecting a VPN for cryptocurrency trading, as listed below

Security & Privacy

The VPN must pass the security test and review its no-logs policy or confidentiality region sans data retention rules. Your preferred VPN should not keep a record of your personal information because it would defeat the purpose of anonymity and privacy. Finding the Best VPNs for Crypto Trading & Mining will be easier if you read each provider’s security and privacy policies.

Network Speed

When selecting and utilizing a VPN, speed is a crucial factor. It would be best if you did not tolerate a considerable decrease in connection speed due to using a VPN. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want your transaction interrupted in the middle. You will want a dependable VPN solution with maximum uptime and minimal performance decreases. Get a fast connection speed VPN to ensure you don’t miss any trading possibilities.

Severs & Number of Connections Available

Governments frequently impose restrictions on cryptocurrency exchanges. But you will have thousands of servers in various locations with the Best VPNs for Crypto Trading or mining. Moreover, choose VPN providers that permit several connections at once so you can connect several devices under one subscription and trade from anywhere.


If you don’t have much money, you should try to get the most fabulous product at the best deal. Even better is when a VPN provider allows you to pay for the service using cryptocurrency, particularly if you already have the accepted currency in your wallet.

Blockchain Technology and Privacy

One of the most anticipated technological advances in recent years is none other than a blockchain. It provides a shared, unchangeable ledger that makes it easier to track assets and record transactions in a corporate network. Due to blockchain’s immutability, all your data will be tracked, stored, and kept safe and secure.

The uses of blockchain are practically endless; it made it possible for cryptocurrencies to exist, which has not only revolutionized the financial sector. Due to the way that blockchain technology has changed ideas like ownership, it is also evolving standard principles.

Fact: By 2030, blockchain may increase the world’s GDP by $1.76 trillion, according to 96 % of financial service industry specialists.

Blockchain technology may likely find uses, from improved user privacy and security to reduced processing costs and fewer errors. However, enterprises now face tremendous uncertainty and complexity when applying data privacy laws to blockchain technology and related services. While blockchain technology creates a tamper-proof record of every transaction, blockchain networks are not impervious to fraud and cyberattacks.

Therefore, VPN for blockchain is crucial in this situation since it may add extra protection to ensure secure transactions. Since your IP address will get hidden, hackers won’t be able to link your wallet address to your actual IP address and steal your assets

Reasons for Using VPN in the Crypto World

After years of concern, cryptocurrency has developed into a significant worldwide trend, and large-scale funds are now fully committed to it. The durability of blockchain technology and its bright future have caused cryptocurrencies’ popularity to soar in recent years.

Fact: As more businesses began accepting cryptocurrency, the medium’s demand grew. Over 320 million individuals worldwide are believed to be utilizing cryptocurrencies as of 2022. The average ownership rate got expected to be 4.2%.

It’s true what you may have heard about how safe cryptocurrency transactions are. Your connection might still get snooped upon as it passes via the internet. There are three main justifications for why you should use a VPN service.

Protection for Your IP Adress and Wallet

A blockchain transaction gets permanently recorded; therefore, every transaction will get associated with you if your IP gets tracked. So, a VPN encrypts your data, preventing criminals from monitoring your trades which will not allow anyone to link your IP address and wallet.

Fact: The value of bitcoin stolen climbed by 516 % from 2020 to $3.2 billion. In 2021, cryptocurrency fraudsters stole a record $14 billion.

Bypass Crypto Trading Restrictions

Additionally, cryptocurrency trading gets prohibited in several countries. The amount of cryptocurrency you purchased or sold may not have got known to your ISP, but they can detect the trading platform you use and the time you checked in.

Luckily for Cryptocurrency traders, most crypto exchanges employ HTTPS end-to-end encryption. It prevents hackers from intercepting your data unless your equipment has serious security flaws.

Note: Many cryptocurrency exchanges are establishing KYC and AML verification procedures as authorities worldwide begin to regulate the sector. Therefore, you need the right tools, such as a VPN, to ensure that your information is secure and that no snooper has access to it.

However, if cryptocurrency trading seems to get restricted in your zone, don’t worry! VPN is here to assist you with its dependable service.

Protection for Crypto Mining

Mine cryptocurrencies using a VPN gets highly recommended. When you use a VPN service, it is unlikely that anybody will discover you are mining. And for specific users, it could be essential to perform mining over a VPN to get around network restrictions or hide the actual connection from view.

Fact: Since then, despite being officially prohibited from doing so, Chinese Bitcoin miners have continued to operate legally by using VPNs to continue mining. Due to the stringent restrictions on internet access, they utilize a VPN to mask their location and direct their traffic through a server elsewhere. Not to mention that the country accounts for over 20% of the world’s hashrate when it comes to Bitcoin mining.

If you don’t have a dedicated machine for mining, the most significant way to secure your identity is by using a VPN. However, there are certain drawbacks to utilizing a VPN as well. With some reckless behavior, cryptocurrency can collapse. So it’s preferable to make your own preliminary decisions for your protection.

Bottom Line - My Choice for Best VPN

Even though trading is quite popular now, the cryptocurrency sector is full of traps and has increased fraudsters and hackers. Cryptocurrencies and VPNs need to get used side by side, making your transactions more straightforward and private. I’ve spoken over a few options today. Still, with its NoSpy servers, CyberGhost Unrivalled Anonymity is my top pick for crypto trading. It is a fantastic feature that is unmatched in the VPN industry.

As well as providing double online data encryption and anonymity, it can eliminate hardware attacks. You will get a 45-day money-back guarantee at fair pricing even. After the external audit is complete, I think more people will choose it because of what it has to offer.

Best VPNs for Crypto Trading: FAQs

Using VPN is Illegal While Trading Crypto?

No, using a VPN to purchase cryptocurrency is not prohibited. It makes it even more secure and anonymous so that no one can trace your IP address back to you.

Are Free VPNs Enough for Protection?

You may often utilize free VPNs, but be aware that they lack advanced security and encryption. You face the risk of revealing private data as a result. Instead, pick one of the above options with affordable pricing for your crypto trading.

Will You Have latency issues While Mining?

Always choose a VPN with little to no impact on connection speed if you plan to use it to mine cryptocurrency. But be prepared for some latency difficulties that might lower profits.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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