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Is PC Matic Safe? PC Matic Review for Computer/Laptop Security

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – October 17th, 2022

is PC Matic safe, PC Matic review

When your home devices are protected by PC Matic, giving you peace of mind; however, new users may wonder if is PC Matic safe? In general, all antivirus programs are created and updated regularly to protect users from any dangers. And PC Matic is also a cutting-edge antivirus program that defends against sophisticated hacking and online threats.

It stands out from the competition with its unique approach to protecting all of your family’s gadgets. However, no one can predict what new developments may occur shortly, given the contemporary cyber security danger.

In addition to antivirus software, a user’s online hygiene plays a critical role. However, given that everyone still seeks protection that enables them to counteract contemporary dangers, this PC Matic review will undoubtedly assist you in learning how secure your devices are.

Read on to learn more about PC Matic and how it works toward the all-in-one tool for your protection.

Is PC Matic Safe? PC Matic Review

PC Matic – The Industry Standard

PC Matic is an all-in-one antivirus solution made in the USA with PC users in mind. If we go back in time, Rob Cheng and Dave Methvin founded PC Matic in 1999, intending to develop a better technique to identify typical computer issues. The original goal of this program was to create software that shields computers and their data against viruses that the cyber mafia uses to enter and profit from systems worldwide.

With employees working from homes in South Carolina, Iowa, Maryland, California,  South Dakota, Florida, and Virginia, it functions mainly as a virtually private firm. Additionally, they do not subcontract any support or development, so they have everything in-house.

Their current objective is to reach a level with no client infections or breaches. And as PC Matic and its products continued to evolve, several industry award programs and independent experts recognized them for their unique security solutions and commitment to innovation. Their strategy involves aggressive product marketing to lower infection rates worldwide and undermine the cyber-security economy. Since it is critical to maintaining cost and usability, PC Matic takes care of it regardless of technological capacity or financial constraints.

Bonus Tip: Before founding PC Matic, Rob Cheng was a senior vice president at Gateway Computers. He was responsible for the company’s global consumer business and profit and loss accountability. Rob came up with PC Matic after he realized there had to be a method to streamline the operation of analyzing and fixing a computer since the cost of technical assistance was rising.

The answer to whether is PC Matic safe is a resounding yes, but to discuss how effective PC Matic is, let’s get into PC Matic review.

How PC Matic Works – Their Unique Approach

When compared to other major market participants, PC Matric operates differently. With over 3 million happy customers using PC Matic solutions, and over 23 years of expertise defending clients, the company has analyzed and secured over 100 million apps and devices.

They must be doing something unique with this increasing user base apart from standard antivirus software. Their original method of application whitelisting provides far better defense against contemporary threats.

It operates by using a worldwide automated whitelist, which is a real-time security solution created to safeguard the security of devices and the data they contain. PC Matic will automatically forward any applications it hasn’t examined and deemed secure to its malware research team for testing and classification. And if the reports are ok to use for any application. Or the user may quickly approve it with a few clicks if they already know it is a legitimate application.

But all users don’t need to manually compile their own list of trustworthy programs because of their universal application whitelist. Instead, they only need to use the global list PC Matic has maintained for years. With this unique approach, they can offer real cybercrime prevention in all PC Matic cybersecurity solutions.

Is PC Matic Safe? - How PC Matic Whitelisting Differs from Other Software Blacklists

As with all existing conventional security software, blacklisting blocks the execution of dangerous files by creating a list of all known malicious files. But regrettably, this list has to be updated on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Making it hard to keep it current as a result. Additionally, for this strategy to be successful for a file to get located, it has to have previously infected someone, somewhere, somehow.

Therefore, PC Matic utilizes a patented application whitelisting mechanism for real-time protection using their application whitelisting security software instead of the standard method. This Whitelist Solution for Zero-Trust Cybersecurity stops ransomware attacks and stops hackers from obtaining your data by only allowing trustworthy programs to execute.

As a result, users may have absolute peace regarding information security and internet security because there is no virus or ransomware victim to notice any application’s threatful nature. It also offers the following characteristics.

  • IT administrators can add applications to the whitelist with a single click.

  • Prevents data corruption threats by utilizing virtualization-based security to safeguard the Windows kernel and drivers.

  • Secure remote desktop, perform automatic driver and provide security patch updates and multi-factor authentication.

PC Matic Protection Against Threats – Features

To further explore is PC Matic safe and to discuss specifics within this PC Matic review. Here are some current cyber security threats from which PC Matic protects its customers.


Although it operated differently from ransomware today, the first known instance of it occurred in 1989, and its basic idea hasn’t changed much since then. It invades the user’s computer and encrypts all of their essential data before demanding payment. Although it was never a significant danger to the computer world, the appearance of Cryptolocker completely altered how cyber security professionals today view ransomware.

Note: There were 236.1 million ransomware attacks globally in the first half of 2022. In addition, businesses now experience ransomware assaults every 40 seconds, and 9% of Americans have, at some point, fallen victim to one.

Matic PC Keep in mind preventing ransomware utilizing their default-deny protection against malicious applications. It prohibits unidentified programs, as was already mentioned above. You can guard yourself against the most recent and specific ransomware using PC Matic.

Zero Days Exploit

A zero-day vulnerability can reveal a weakness in hardware or software and lead to complex issues. With PC Matic, however, flaws in common third-party software are automatically patched, preventing any attempts by hackers to use the weakness to spread malware.


Without the user’s knowledge, keylogging may get used to eavesdrop on any user or to acquire passwords and other private data. It is extremely difficult to detect keyloggers, but it can record each keystroke performed on your device. The user could never be aware that they unintentionally installed a keylogger concealed behind a malicious program.

But PC Matic uses a unique strategy to stop software from installing without first going through their whitelisting procedures, which stops keyloggers from being installed.


Adware is unwelcome software to show unwanted advertising, usually when using a web browser. Adware frequently hides inside regular programs and tries to download and install other programs or toolbars without the user’s knowledge. You get protected from installing any adware without the need to provide PC Matic permission. It automatically scans and cleans your browser to eliminate harmful or ad-serving extensions.


A rootkit is sneaky computer software made to grant privileged access to a computer on an ongoing basis while actively concealing its existence. It enables one to keep control and command over a machine. Unprecedented access and control to your computer are made possible by gaining entry to this level.

Your device won’t become infected with rootkits thanks to PC Matic, which blocks any unauthorized execution attempts and flag malicious applications that aren’t on their whitelist.


A botnet is a group of devices infected with a bot program that gives an attacker control over them. By adopting a preventive strategy, PC Matic shields users from taking part in this attack by making it almost hard to install malware on a user’s computer without their knowledge.

Script Blocking Agent

To detect malicious scripting activities, PC Matic has a script-blocking agent. You will want this defense because Fileless malware, a form of malicious software that infects computers using legal apps, may be cunning. Therefore, it usually gets done using tools already included in your operating system. But PC Matic’s Fileless Malware Prevention raises your degree of security.

PC Matic Products

Since I just said that PC Matic is an all-in-one solution, you might wonder what else you will receive besides the security. Let’s expand this PC Matic review by exploring its further add-ons.

Optimize (PC Optimization)

By quickly and simply locating and deleting unwanted and obsolete files, PC Matic can identify frequent problems that hinder your device’s actual performance. Doing this may clear up space, speed up your disk even more, and eliminate extra background activities. This application allows you to schedule scans easily and receive detailed scan results in your mailbox at a later time.

Identity Theft Protection

Thanks to their collaboration with Identity Force, you may access Dark Web Monitoring as part of your PC Matic membership at no additional cost. Using cutting-edge, proactive identity theft prevention technology, it continuously monitors your identity, privacy, and credit. Additionally, their Certified Protection Experts provide thorough, round-the-clock recovery services headquartered in the United States. You may upgrade to complete family identity theft protection or activate your dark web monitoring by logging in.

PC Magnum

Almost every action you take on your computer is stored by Windows, including your private data. Internet cookies can also get used to tracking your surfing patterns covertly. PC Magnum is a unique privacy solution from PC Matic because it eliminates potentially humiliating and confidential information

It gives you control over what others may discover about you and your online behavior. Using cutting-edge cloud technology, it automates the tedious process of keeping your PC clean and is compatible with practically all popular browsers.

Driver Alert (Driver Maintenance)

PC Pitstop and PC Matic got formerly offered as different apps, but after winning hundreds of accolades and transforming the markets for antivirus software and computer performance, they merged. Now that you have a subscription to PC Matic, it comes with a function that ensures third-party apps get patched and finds the most recent drivers required to keep your PCs operating at their best.

Users may relax knowing that known vulnerabilities are fixed on their devices to prevent exploitation by cybercriminals.

24/7 Technical Support

Apart from just the technical support that comes with the PC Matic purchase, which I will discuss later in this article, PC Matic offers Premium support for all your devices. Since there are no language or time zone limitations, help is delivered by trained USA-based specialists, ensuring that you get it respectfully and effectively.

And provide you with the option of having phone assistance 365 days a year. Additionally, you receive unrestricted email and chat assistance for the entire year.

PC Matic: Packages & Pricing

The pricing of PC Matic is the simplest of all antivirus programs that you could choose to use. Providing several packages makes it more difficult to understand, much like other antivirus companies, for receiving a comprehensive set of features and defenses against all contemporary cybersecurity threats. You have the choice to buy any of the two plans.

Yearly Plan: One of the most affordable plans on the market for antivirals is $50 per year. As this plan covers up to 5 PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, or Android tablets, you may easily purchase it if you’re buying it for yourself or your family.

Life Time Plan: This is another strategy that sets PC Matic apart from other participants in the cyber security industry. PC Matic Lifetime is a fantastic value since it offers limitless access to PC Matic’s features and continuous updates for only $150 once. It’s uncommon for an antivirus to provide such a lifetime option.

Both versions have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, providing you the assurance that even if you don’t like PC Matic, your security investment won’t get lost.

PC Matic Support

One of PC Matic’s key selling points is its customer support. I’ve already discussed their premium support, which is an extra subscription. But for their general assistance, you don’t need any plans. It is included with their PC Matic membership and provides specialized Product Support seven days a week. It provides service even if you don’t yet have an account and has a wide range of alternatives for subscribers.

To familiarize yourself with getting started with PC Matic, you will have access to the Knowledge Base section. There includes a sizeable quantity of information on technical support and download links for the most recent versions of their products. You may also cancel your subscription or request a refund on the same support page.

Support Scam Alert – PC Matic

Technical assistance scams are one of several ways used by scam artists to target their victims. Beyond the danger of taking control of the device, tech support fraudsters may attempt to entice you. They also charge their targets thousands of dollars.

PC Matic has laid down various details of how to spot these scams. Consequently, to prevent being duped when attempting to contact PC, Matic help. There are three methods to contact PC Matic technical support, so keep that in mind.

Is PC Matic Safe? – Final Verdict

Thanks to this PC Matic review, you are now aware that PC Matic employs a novel unheard-of strategy in the antivirus sector. Even their CEO could get seen grooving out in the commercial while demonstrating PC Matic’s capabilities. Their user base is expanding, which explains why many users appreciate their strategy by considering every facet of how PC Matic interacts with whitelisting and defends against different cyber security risks. So the answer is PC Matic safe is surprisingly easy, considering what I have discussed today.

For peace of mind, this software doesn’t cost much and gives a lifetime package; the security and protection you are getting, in addition to the enhanced security, is incredible. Additionally, I didn’t talk about PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite, the business software version, today.

However, it is a complete program that employs robust endpoint protection and government-grade security measures. The PC Matic rating proved quite competitive overall compared to other competing antivirus software. This support uses quick and competent agents for its customer care. You may contact assistance whenever you need them once you’ve bought their subscription.

Although many people find the PC Matric solution complete, it lacks several capabilities that other well-known companies offer. However, PC Matic is unquestionably the one if you think the earlier discussed characteristics are excellent for cyber security.

Is McAfee better than PC Matic? Here, we have an article on PC Matic vs McAfee comparison.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

IT Consultant at Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller is an IT Consultant for Online Cloud Security and has over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology space. He also specializes in repairing laptops & computers. In his spare time, he loves to talk about new technologies and hosts monthly IT and Cyber Security meetings in the Houston area.

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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