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Is Gemini Safe to Store Crypto?

Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller – Tech Enthusiast & Security Expert – December 16th, 2021

Is Gemini Safe to Store Crypto

Are you thinking about using Gemini? Is Gemini safe for storing crypto? Before I dive into this question let’s go into the history of Gemini.

In 2015, Gemini was created as a crypto currency trading platform with a variety of options for buying and selling crypto currencies that appealed to both novice and experienced investors.

Aside from the Winklevoss twins’ legal disputes with Mark Zuckerberg over the establishment of Facebook, you may not have heard of Gemini because of its low trading volume compared to competitors like Coinbase and Kraken. But the exchange has more than 40 crypto currencies, a learning center to teach newbies about crypto trading, and a variety of innovative goods that can add value to experienced investors. 

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Is Gemini Safe to Store Crypto?

Surely, if you treat digital currency as currency, you should handle it the same way you would treat cash? As if to inquire, “Where should I keep my dollars?” Under my bed, in my bank account, in my wallet, or in a safe? The choice is yours again.

If you’re a newbie to the crypto world, I recommend doing some study and considering where to keep your currency (Bitcoin or other altcoins). Traditionally, cold storage would be used for this, but the decision is yours.

This Gemini review is likely to raise your concerns about Gemini’s safety. It looks that one can trade cryptocurrencies with confidence on Gemini. As you can see below, I’ll be assessing Gemini’s security in three key areas.

Gemini Security

Unlike cash in a bank account, bitcoin funds are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Gemini, on the other hand, uses multi-layered security procedures to protect its customers’ digital assets. To keep your money safe from hackers, Gemini says the “bulk” of it is kept in a cold storage system. However, a limited portion is held in an online hot wallet that is insured against theft due to a security breach, hack, a fraudulent transfer, or staff theft.

Illegal access to your bank account is not covered by the insurance policy. A list of permitted addresses can be created in Gemini to limit who can withdraw funds (along with other security measures like two-factor authentication), but if your identity or password is stolen, you may not be able to get your money back.

Insurance and Capital Reserves for Digital Assets

Gemini’s online “Hot Wallet” environment holds a small percentage of crypto, with key management handled by dedicated FIPS 140–2 Level 2 HSMs offered by AWS Cloud. Customers’ crypto assets housed in a Hot Wallet that is insured in an aggregate sum that is larger than their insurance coverage.

As a New York trust business and trustee, Gemini is obligated by law to maintain capital reserves. FDIC-insured banks in the United States hold all customer U.S. dollar fiat cash in omnibus accounts, which are legally distinct from our business and operating accounts. Gemini’s ability to sustain its clients and maintain operating is aided by the establishment of capital reserve requirements.

Gemini founders Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss

Let's Take a History Dive into Gemini

Cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini the Winklevoss twins started it (Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss). Those are some well-known names. They founded ConnectU, a precursor to Facebook, which was founded by them. One of only a few U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges, Gemini was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City. The New York State Department of Financial Services is in charge of overseeing it (NYSDFS).

Their offer

Over 20 cryptocurrencies are available on the Gemini platform, including its own currency, Gemini dollars (GUSD). Gemini allows you to trade and store cryptocurrency. The Samsung Blockchain is powered by Gemini thanks to cooperation with Samsung. Samsung Blockchain Wallet customers in the United States and Canada can use the Gemini app to swap currencies.

Fees for Gemini

Every time you buy or sell cryptocurrency on Gemini, you’ll be hit with a convenience fee as well as a transaction cost. It doesn’t matter if you buy through Gemini’s website or its app if you have to pay these costs. Before you finalize your purchase, you’ll see the “quoted price” for both.

Convenience Fee

There is a convenience fee of around 0.5% of the Gemini market price, which can change according on the market conditions. You’ll have to pay it in the cryptocurrency you purchase as well. It would cost you an additional $30,150 to buy a single Bitcoin (BTC) at the current exchange rate of $30,000 per coin.

Transaction Fee

Additionally, depending on how much you trade, you’ll be charged a transaction cost in addition to the convenience fee. This cost is normal for crypto conversions, such as trading Bitcoin for Litecoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges charge different fees for different types of transactions, ranging from a flat price for smaller transactions to a percentage of larger transactions.

Deposit Fees

To trade on Gemini, you can either transfer crypto from your own wallet or another exchange, or put US dollars into your account. Unless you use a debit card, there are no fees associated with making a deposit into your Gemini account.

Fees for Withdrawal

You won’t be charged for withdrawing crypto from your account, or withdrawing US dollars after selling your crypto, as long as you make less than 10 withdrawals each month. More than that and most cryptos charge fees. It’s worth noting that, in contrast to Coinbase, which does not charge a fee when you transfer your crypto to an external wallet that is not owned by Coinbase, most methods for withdrawing US dollars are free.

Make Money with Gemini

It’s possible to make up to 7.4% APY by lending your crypto to institutional borrowers, although the exact rate depends on the type of coins you put in the account and is subject to change. Genesis, a company that deals in digital assets, is Gemini Earn’s current partner. Gemini’s third-party borrowers are subject to frequent vetting and have a contractual responsibility to repay monies. The additional danger and complexity of lending bitcoin may not make sense for most beginning investors, but there is another option to extract value from your crypto.

It’s not covered by Gemini’s insurance policy because the funds in your Gemini Earn account are held by third parties. Depending on the type of currency you possess, you may potentially be charged fees on your earnings.

As long as you have a Gemini account, you’ll be able to redeem and move your cryptocurrency at any time and with no transfer or withdrawal fees. If you have a combined trade balance and Earn balance, as well as interest, you can see it at any moment.

Gemini is Best Suited For:

A good alternative for both newcomers and seasoned crypto fans, Gemini caters to the needs of consumers who have at least a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and want to do more than just buy and hold Bitcoin. Gemini provides many of these features. With Gemini Earn, you can earn income on your investment while maintaining the highest level of security. Gemini is a good place to start investing in cryptocurrencies because it offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies from which to pick. For new investors, it provides a simple mobile and internet experience, as well as certain educational resources.

Gemini, on the other hand, has a plethora of tools and features for more experienced traders and cryptocurrency users that may prove too much for those just getting started. Long-term cryptocurrency HODLers don’t have to worry about the additional fees imposed by the exchange because they don’t trade or sell cryptos on a regular basis. If you plan to buy or trade cryptocurrency on a regular basis, these fees might quickly add up. However, Gemini’s features and additional security precautions may be worth the price.

Gemini's Reputation

Gemini is a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange that complies with all of the appropriate regulators and is completely regulated. The New York State Department of Financial Services oversees Gemini Trust Company, LLC (NYSDFS). This necessitates that they adhere to the NYSDFS’ capitalization, compliance, anti-money laundering, consumer protection, and cyber security standards.

The Winklevoss twins, who started the company, should give customers some comfort. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who co-founded Facebook and competed in rowing in the Olympics, have invested in a number of successful startups.


Gemini takes a number of measures to safeguard the safety of its customers’ cash. In contrast to online hot wallets, the vast majority of cryptocurrency funds are kept in cold storage. Single points of failure are eliminated with the use of multi-signature technology. These offline wallets are kept in a number of different, very secure locations. Here, you can find out more about Gemini’s security measures. The FDIC insures fiat money up to a maximum of $250,000 It’s important to keep these monies separate from the company’s operational budget.

Customers must be able to use both fiat currency and cryptocurrency at the same time in order to keep them safe. You can count on Gemini as a bridge between the present and the future of money, and we’re working hard to create a future of crypto without chaos. When it comes to safeguarding your cryptocurrency, we constantly review the procedures and safeguards we utilize, and hope our counterparts in the crypto industry do the same.

Coinbase and Gemini both charge the same fees, however just half as many coins are supported on Gemini as on Coinbase. However, only Gemini currently provides interest-bearing accounts. If you’re primarily an investor/HODLer, Gemini might be an excellent pick.

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Dave Miller with Online Cloud Security

Dave Miller

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About Online Cloud Security

Online Cloud Security is here to recommend you the most secure devices, from laptops to smartphones, we only want to provide you with products that we have tested and used ourselves for online security. Every product that we recommend is heavily inspected and tested for security against hackers, viruses, malware, and any other intruders that may want to steal your information. 

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